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Welcome to National Overspray Removal Services, we are considered to be one of the premier companies in the business.   With over 24 years of experience in overspray removal and claims management.   We have never been unable to repair a vehicle from any type of paint damage.   We specialize in the removal of Protective Marine coatings and Polyurethane spray-foam in the form of overspray damage to vehicles.  We believe that every piece of the vehicle should be repaired from all damages including pre-existing.   Unlike every other company out there, we use machinery as demonstrated in our videos to restore every piece of the vehicle from all damages.   The first thing we do on every job before starting on a vehicle is to video tape the overspray damage while the owner is present.  This is for everyone's protection and for insurance reasons.   We are also an onsite company which means that you are not out of your vehicle and there is no rental cost for the insurer.  We can be dispatched anywhere in the United State within 24 hours and out of the country within 48 hours of agreeing to manage your claim.   We are fully insured for one million dollars so that we can work on any vehicle at any location.

Unlike other companies, we charge a flat rate of $150-$400 per vehicle , which is much cheaper than our competors.  The only thing that can effect price is the severity of the damages.  Location is not a factor unless it is only a few vehicles because of the expense of traveling.   There is a cut rate price for larger claims because we can make up the numbers in more vehicles to be repaired.   We only use the best proven products sold on the market such as Automagic, Meguiar's, 3M, and more.  Every product we use has an MSDA material safety data sheet to prove that it has been tested for safety.  All work is done onsite so that you're not out of your vehicle, and there is no rental cost for the insurer.   We also provide an excellent car sealant called "Quantum" which has a five year warranty at no cost to you or the insurer.  This product helps your vehicle's paint resist water spotting, acid rain, bug guts, tree sap, bird droppings and more.  We are the only company allowed to use this sealant.  We have lots of demonstration videos of this product being applied on vehicles that have been damaged with industrial paint overspray.  This is our part along with the use of machinery to restore every piece of your vehicle from all damages to help you protect your investment.